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Deep & Fast Data is Alpha

S*Shifted Model

For about 10 Years, Vithan has been researched how company formed S-Curve growth and how people made change on sentiment to achieve best timing for buying and selling stocks to yield more than 100% within 6-18 months.

Model is now complete and keep improving with alternative data as leading indicator at Investic.

B2B – White Label

Want somewhat robo-advisor, algorithm, high alpha strategy? But no idea how to do it? or costly to hire expert?

Leave those jobs to us, we are expert in this field. Our solution cost less than hiring new team and cannot guarantee results.

We also offer deep research on stocks incorporate with S*Shifted Model to Securities company.

Risk Parity & Other Quants

We are experts at quantitative strategy. May it be new approach Risk Parity, Risk Contributions stuffs or MVO based.

For example, an equal risk weighted of well selected technology ETFs through correlation benefits would result in 2x performance with 2-3% higher volatility profile than S&P500.

Data that useful
  • Search, Topics published
  • Company Website’s stuff
  • Community Members
  • Traffics
  • Sentiment
  • e.t.c.
Stock Market made of

stock market is story of cycles and of the human behavior that is irresponsible for overreaction

Seth Klarman

About Us

We are team of ex-fund manager, quantitative analyst, top tier hedge fund and data scientist.

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